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Rikki Lee is a rock guitarist from Malaysia, currently based in London, United Kingdom. She is stylistically known for the amalgamation of speed like John Petrucci and emotive melodies like David Gilmour and Steve Lukather. Rikki grew up in a musical family. Since she was a child, her father would play her records by the rock legends such as Joe Satriani, Deep Purple, Steve Vai and Guns N’ Roses. Her father had guitars lying around in the house. One day, she picked it up, and the rest is history.

Rikki decided to pursue music and focus on honing her guitar skills full-time once out of high school. She joined a local private music college in her hometown and quickly rose to success, gaining scholarships and was awarded the Dean’s List and High-achiever award.

In 2016, Rikki released her first EP entitled, The Experiment. She recorded, mixed, and produced all by herself in her bedroom. She sold out the first batch of the physical copies in a short time. Then, she was invited to feature as a solo artist in many high-profile functions. She also secured a spot to perform in the main stage in a music festival in her hometown, performing in front of 3,000 people.

After graduating from college, with the support from her parents, she moved to London to further hone her compositional skills and to seek like-minded musicians for collaboration. Apart from studying full-time in London, she played regularly in Hillsong Church London for their Sunday services. Her flawless command in the guitar and versatility in music quickly brought to the musical director’s attention. Not only did she secured a spot in the pit band for Hillsong London Carols at the Wembley Arena, but she was also given a featured solo part, performing in front of 10,000 spectators since 2017. 

Moreover, Rikki also worked with Grammy-nominated and Dove Award winner, former frontman of Delirious?, Martin Smith, as his session guitarist early 2020 for his Europe tour, featuring her guitar solos as part of his show. 

Recently, Rikki was featured on ITV’s brand new Saturday night show “Game of Talents” on episode 1 as a Rock Guitarist and also playing for the artist, Master Peace.

She has played alongside many notable musicians, which had endorsed her impeccable guitar skills. One of the recent collaborators she had worked with commented:

“I was very quickly knocked out by the power and emotion in her very versatile guitar playing. But I was also soon to learn that she is also an amazing composer, and within a couple of months, she developed three sets of original lyrics into very exciting heartfelt emotional hit potential tracks. Rikki is a sensational guitar talent. When she plays I am totally swept away by the magic in her technique. A lot of guitarists do a lot of ‘the same old thing’ but Rikki’s guitar style takes you down magical twisting paths with really clever swerves and techniques that are breathtaking, to say the least. It has been a very exciting privilege working alongside her.”

– Ralph Shepherd, Director at Burnhamwood Productions

Not only Rikki has achieved much in her creativity and guitar skills, but she also graduated with a Masters degree in Music Business Management from the University of Westminster. Her final dissertation seeks to determine female guitarists’ position in a highly male-saturated marketplace, entitled Recognising Female Guitar Heroes. 

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